Indian Women’s Press Corps condemn the brutal attack

Indian Women’s Press Corps Condemn the brutal attack on BBC journalist Bushra Sheikh by Delhi Police on Sunday night. She was covering protests and police action at Jamia Milia University. She has alleged that the policemen broke her mobile, pulled her hair and abused her despite telling them she is a journalist.

We note with concern and distress that this has now become a pattern to attack journalists particularly women journalists to intimidate them. Last week security personnel, including CRPF, in Assam had entered the office of Prag News TV and attacked journalists there. On Sunday video journalist of NDTV was also hit for shooting police breaking bikes of students at Aligarh Muslim University.

Such acts are undemocratic and assault on freedom of media to report.

We urge state police, CRPF and government to refrain from such high handed conduct.

Jyoti Malhotra

Vineeta Pandey
Gen Secretary

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