• IWPC Press Statement

    The Indian Women’s Press Corps expresses concern at the spate of FIRs against journalists the latest being Navika Kumar for objectionable statements made not by her but someone else in a television debate she was anchoring.


    While there can be no question that the Constitution and Constitutional values have to be upheld rather than undermined while exercising the Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, indiscriminate use of government power to criminalize journalistic activity also poses a serious danger to press freedom, an essential element of the freedom of expression.


    If journalists are expected to be judicious while exercising their freedom on account of the exceptional influence on public opinion, the imperative on governments, both central and state, and their agencies to be judicious in exercising their tremendous power against journalists is even greater.     


    The iwpc has always expressed concern for journalists’ rights while performing their duties.


    Shobhna Jain           Simran Sodhi

    (President)               (General Secretary)

Team 2022-23


Three decades after it was signed, the Convention on the Rights of the Child remains the landmark document guiding the destinies of millions of the world’s children.

As the world gears up to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the landmark Convention, that provides a set of guidelines to ensure that all children are provided equal opportunities to develop and prosper, it is important to look at what has been achieved and what remains to be done.

The Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC), in its silver jubilee year, can play a significant role in highlighting the achievements as well as the guidelines that remain to be met on the CRC. To that end, IWPC is partnering with UNICEF, which has a 70-year old presence in India, and has had a seminal role in ensuring that the Convention’s guidelines are met, to raise awareness about the CRC and to further its aims.


Register for Online Certification on Child Rights

To commemorate 30 years of the Child Rights Convention, IWPC, in collaboration with UNICEF, has posted a course on Child Rights online.
All members are requested to view and take the course, which will provide valuable insights and information to help in their professional reportage.

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