Smart Betiyan: Nisha Maurya

She stopped her sister-in-law’s child marriage
​Nisha Maurya works as an Internet Saathi in the Parsona village located in Jamunaha block of Shrawasti. As part of the project, she has been counselling girls to resist child marriage. Her sister-in-law Sunita Maurya lives with her. She is an adolescent volunteer who works with the Smart Betiyan project. Sunita’s marriage was fixed at a very early age, but since she had seen her elder sister suffer due to child marriage, Sunita did not wish to marry before she was 18 years of age. So, she asked Nisha for help. Nisha spoke to her father-in-law and convinced him that Sunita should not be married before she was 18. Nisha says, “None of my family members are educated, and they believe in the custom of child marriage. I am the only graduate in my family of thirteen members. It was not easy to convince them to postpone Sunita’s marriage but thanks to the training that I received in the Smart Betiyan project, I was able to win my in-laws to my side. Today Sunita is perusing her Intermediate.”

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