IWPC demands the release of 2 women journalists detained by Tripura and Assam Police

The Indian Women’s Press Corps stands in solidarity with Samriddhi K. Sakunia and Swarna Jha, the two women journalists who have been  harassed, intimidated and detained for doing their job.

The IWPC demands that the police immediately releases them and allows them to do their job without fear.

Ms Sakunia and Ms Jha, who work with HW News Network, were on assignment in Tripura to cover the recent incidents of violence when an FIR was registered against them for allegedly maligning the “image of Tripura government”. And then there were reports that they were not allowed to leave the hotel, and on the request of the Tripura Police, were later detained in Assam.

Journalists perform a public service that is critical to the well-being of any democracy. They gather and disseminate facts. The image of a government is not the journalist’s concern. Facts and the truth are their concern. 

We understand that the two women journalists, Ms Sakuni and Ms Jha, are to be taken back to Tripura for “questioning”. 

We demand that they be released immediately and be allowed to do their job.

Vineeta Pandey                    Suparna Sharma
(President)                           (General Secretary)