Membership Rules

The IWPC was registered as a Society under the Societies Act, 1860. From a fledgling membership in 1994, the year of its registration, the membership has now grown to over seven hundred including regular and associate members. The activities of the Society also grew in the period. In order to streamline the objectives of the Society further as envisaged in the aims of the objects of the IWPC constitution, ensure inclusiveness and greater participatory democracy within the body, a few amendments/clarifications/formalization of existing rules have been made by the managing committee of the Society, including a new section framing specific rules for the conduct of elections. These were reported to the General Body as per the requirement laid down in the constitution. The changes proposed did not in any manner alter the aims and objects of the society.


1. No individual, who are women, shall be eligible to be admitted as member if S\she does not have at least three years experience as a working journalist in either a daily, news agency, newsmagazine, electronic media or new media/online media. Provided that in case of freelancers, it will be at the discretion of the Managing Committee to decide whether the applicant has suitable experience in the profession. However, a minimum of five years for freelancers is a must in all the above categories.

2. No individual, who are women, shall be eligible to be admitted as member She derives her primary professional income from sources other than journalism and at the time of application is not a full time working journalist.

Procedure for Admission

1. Every application for membership shall be made in writing in accordance with the form prescribed by the Managing Committee. Such application form shall be issued by the Society on payment of Rs 20 or at a rate decided by the Managing Committee of the Society.

2. Every application for membership of the Society must be recommended by two ordinary members and accompanied by copies of the latest letter of appointment of the applicant, previous letters of appointment giving evidence of three years’ work experience or a letter from the concerned authority to the same effect stating proof of such experience, evidence of work in the form of clippings where-ever applicable, photo identity card and two latest photographs.


Members who fail to pay the monthly/annual subscription for a period of three consecutive years shall be issued two notices within an interval of three months each, following which the Managing Committee of the Society shall have the discretion to withdraw the membership of the members. Their membership may be renewed on receipt of subscription along with the new joining fee.